The Problem

  • Existing devices are invasive
  • Existing devices are expensive
  • Continuous monitoring Not available

The Solution

Vital Metrix offers non-invasive, periodic or continuous, cost effective cardiac output measurement in the clinical and home setting.


Off-the-shelf Sensors
Not dependent on one manufacturer

Cloud Computing platform
1-runs on amazon’s web service ec2
2-On-demand or reserved access to processors that can rapidly scale without needing to purchase hardware

Total Accessible market
Home Market-6 Billion
Hospitals-5 Billion

Market opportunity

  • Pressure on Hospitals and physicians to reduce hospital readmissions
  • The need to reduce systemic costs as baby boomers age
  • Provide a non-invasive diagnostic option for patients

Physicians Support the Vital Metrix Product

Neonatal and Pediatric Patients

“These cardiac output measurements could have a profound effect on pediatric morbidity and mortality.”

– Dr. Jonathan Soslow, Assistant Professor, Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Older adult patients

“This would be great data to adjust treatment for a patient in heart failure.  This technology would minimize the time in the hospital and discomfort for the patient.”

––  Dr. Alex Vasquez, Cardiologist at the Heart Center, Huntsville